PropertyLink Consulting Program

With the unique nature of our services, I believe it is advantageous for you to understand how our firm has gotten started and this will aid in the thought that this may be too good to be true. A brief history about our firm and what makes our firm specialist in this field is simple. We derived this business from a property acquisition business. Every so often, we purchase a property for investment purposes. Some of the properties the homeowners/sellers, which are in most cases in foreclosure and the bank is taking back their property within 1-3 months, ask and plead to us if they can stay in the property for another 6 months or even some cases longer.

Over time, the number of families that asked us if they may stay in their property increased. Through our property acquisition business, we’ve learned several techniques to stall, postpone, and extend the bank’s interest in proceeding with the foreclosure sometimes up to 5 years in some cases. Since we are working in a situation where the bank wants to take their property back, we have become experts at extending time to negotiate with the bank for a discounted price to purchase the property. We have used those techniques many times over with many different banks with success.

With our business evolving to the next level, we came about new techniques not only stalling with the banks, but we also now stall at the judicial level. With a brief explanation, there are many States in America when a Lender begins the process of foreclosure; they must go through court proceedings to attain the property back. It is not public knowledge that there are many strategic techniques that can be performed to slow down the process of foreclosure legally.

You will consult with us and we will show you how to do it for yourself and to prolong the stay in your property legally. We will give you peace of mind in this frustrating time where you may feel that the world is against you.

*Due to the overwhelming demand for this program it is open to a limited number of individuals.

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