At Loss Mitigation Partners, our goal and passion is twofold:

  1. To do everything possible to help thousands of homeowners avoid foreclosures and save their credit.
  2. To train Brokers and Agents throughout the country to be more effective in the area of short sales and foreclosure prevention.

Loss Mitigation Partners (LMP) is a respected and privately held debt negotiation services company based in Teaneck, NJ.  Created to facilitate the direct transfer of financially distressed property nationwide, we act as a liaison between foreclosing lenders, transactional agents and interested buyers.

At LMP, we understand when someone has difficulty paying their mortgage.  Many property owners across the nation are finding themselves in trouble keeping up with the bills including mortgage payments. Foreclosures are up. Homes sales and prices are down.  As a real estate professional you've felt it first hand.   You've undoubtedly faced homeowners who want you to list and sell their home, but don't have the equity to pay off their mortgage(s), much less your commission.  You are in the business of helping people, but you are also in the business to make an honest living.

With the current market trends, and our expertise we look forward in working hand in hand allowing you to capitalize on the Short Sale opportunities available.

You need someone you can trust.  Our goal at Loss Mitigation Partners is to provide personal attention and full service to our clients.  Our experience in real estate purchasing and investment and loss mitigation are used to assist you.

"Mitigating short sales is a full-time job.  Your job should be to get the short sale listing, submit them to us and then let us get it approved, while you get it sold and get more short sales.  With our high bank approval rate, you'll be happy we're doing your processing, and've got better things to do."